things i love :: in no particular order

I was inspired to write my own list, from an amazing friend named Sarah. ox.

justin. asia. eden. sydney. lemonade. guitars. my 5 parents. jason & kris. ian & arienne. my 3 nieces & 1 nephew! being an auntie. my old house on emeline avenue. hearing God's voice. falling snow. swimming. the beach. sand in my toes, but not anywhere else. waves. China open markets. quilts. anything handmade. thrift stores. books. subaru forresters. melon in summer. picnic baskets. gardening. anything with pumpkin. making bread. a good book with the girls. santa cruz, ca. learning something new. a thoughtful gift. animals: all kinds. homeschooling. art projects. walking in the creek. rainy days & umbrellas. succulent plants. etsy. the color green. jesus. sewing. chai tea with milk & honey. tickling my girls. hammocks. swing dancing. scarves & cowls. organic things. hiking. crossing the street in China. cultures. traveling. owls & acorns & clover. libraries. grass under my feet. adoption. sentimental things. the doans. writing letters. communication. my best friend. being known. hard questions. green smoothies. my new iphone. angry birds. road-trips. the sounds of nature. picking berries. dusk. dreaming together. chocolate & peanut butter. family game nights. camping outside in tents. drinking tea. old window panes. letting my creative juices flow. cloth napkins. living simply. burritos. skinny dipping. fruits of the spirit. taking a walk with my babe. expensive shoes. homemade pesto. making rag dolls. summer. bonfires on the beach. oriental rugs. legos. feeding the ducks. fresh flowers in a vase. being used by God. authenticity. new haircuts. my wedding ring. strawberries. apricots. painted toes. kings mansion. dying to self. forgiveness. spending time with other moms. the sparkle in my girls' eyes. survivor. date night. old farm houses. the flea market. the farmer's market. composting. planning parties. driving a car with kids in carseats. organizing. avocados. oceanview park. getting healthy. bookshelves. scrapbooking. playing dutch blitz. doing puzzles. sushi. the psalms. surrender. porches. closets. home birth. sand castles. popcorn. action-packed movies. the nomads. acorn slippers. bamboo. maps. photography. pigtails. kaleidoscope. lists. blogging friends. fair trade. old jeans. yurts. henna & mehndi art. newborn babies. homemade jiaozi. pique assiette. christmas ornaments. coke zero. my apron.

....there are many more things I am sure...and perhaps I will continue to add to this list as I think of new things! these are just the first ones that came to mind (which is a huge disclaimer, and again, in no particular order of love & admiration, so one day if Sydney reads this she won't feel I loved her any less than Asia or Eden since I listed her 4th). This is just fun to reminisce and think about. :) Thanks Sarah!!