so much snow!!

Today after a very long and challenging day (for this momma), I quietly slipped outside to take a walk in the snow (yes, daddy came home to relieve me). There is something peaceful about falling snow, even amongst the hustle and bustle of people coming and going along the road.... I love the crunch of powder under my boots, and the snowflakes swirling about my face.

I ventured out without long johns or gloves - but it wasn't too cold. Students were trudging through the snow to catch a bus home, shop-workers were shoveling snow in front of their stalls, and cars were spinning their tires trying to make it up the hill.

I wasn't frantic though. To me, this was a taste of peace and quiet...a time to regroup and take in all the sights and smells and just simply enjoy the outdoors. I smiled and breathed deep. Isn't this lady beautiful? I buy all my fruit from her. She gives me pretty good deals when I bargain.

These are my feet. Just to prove that I was really there. And here is another one that everyone seems to be laughing about. I don't see why this is all that funny. I was so happy to be outside in the whiteness.

A dear friend of mine handmade this cowl for weather such as this! It kept me toasty and dry and very well-loved.

XingFu Lu (our road) covered in snow.

Thankful for white snow, crunching powder, swirly flakes, pink nose, seeing my warm breath, knowing my neighbors, a faithful & humble husband, talented friends, woolen cowls, icicles, shovels, fruit ladies, a full heart, and three little chickadees excited to see momma even after a 30 minute walk.