spring package love

oh my goodness.... could this box be filled with any more LOVE? (nope.)

over 20 packets of pesto & alfredo goodness
yellow peeps (a novelty with the girls)
Ed Emberley drawing books!
stickers galore
colored erasers for the students in our home
spring flower seed packets!
3 Pez dispensers
Easter marshmallows
a new favorite book that is changing my life
Easter egg coloring kit
Clif bars
cadbury eggs!
quality chocolate bunnies
dried fruit strips
2 Clean Start colon cleanses for the adults (not for wimps)
and some incredible Nature's Sunshine supplements!

Thank you with all our hearts for the generosity, creativity, and thoughtfulness put into this package FULL of love. We are so blessed by each item!! Receiving packages is like a ray of sunshine in the darkness.... Well, maybe that sounds extreme - but it truly encourages and brightens our MONTH! Living across the globe from our family, friends, homeland, & comforts has its challenges - but just knowing that we are on your mind & hearts makes the distance not so huge. Maybe "gift giving" (or gift-receiving) is higher on my Love Languages than I thought!! Either way, we feel extremely loved. Love you back!! xoxoxo

Now I get to go hide the goodies until April 24th.
The girls are going to flip out!!