seven years old....

Asia is SEVEN!!! Another year sped by in record speed - and she is seven. It sometimes feels like she was born yesterday! She is taller, more independent, full of virtue, so joyful, and more mature most of the time. :) She is so captivating...and I need to remember these moments or they will be gone too soon.

This has been a year of growth for her! Her heart is so soft and tender, and she longs to be a good friend, a sweet sister, a loving daughter, making right choices for herself. She understands things beyond her years, and she is always listening, wondering, imagining. She has become more daring this year too - more confident, adventurous, daring. She reads books like you wouldn't believe - in every place or position. When we wake up in the morning, she is faithfully reading on the couch!! She loves to swim, and wear bright flashy colors. She loves soccer and babies and horses too. She sometimes asks if we will have more babies. :) Asia is full of love and light - she is so beautiful inside and out. I am so proud to be her momma.

On her actual birthday, she had her favorite breakfast, opened presents - and talked to her Nana, Poppa and Jamma on Skype. Later, I took Asia, Eden & BF Emma to the underground market (sounds shady, but it's not) to get their nails painted. It was so cute! They each got to choose their favorite design and get pampered. I brought lemonade and cherries to make it even more extravagant. They sat so still and were quite giddy. It only cost 10 kuai per kid! ($1.50)

For her Birthday Party – Asia wanted a Cowgirl Party!! We invited all her friends to the park for games & ice cream, which was wonderful for the 100 degree weather we had!! We stayed cool in the shade, with water balloon games and ice cream cones. We had about 45 friends(!!) there, picnicking and enjoying the party. I had fun planning her party, since I got to sew bandanna's for each of the kids! I was so tired after that extravaganza, but very content!

She was also given a rather large Chinese birthday cake from one of our local friends. The cake was quite colorful - decorated with spray paint??, with heaps of sweet whipping cream frosting, yet tasted SO artificial. We aren't fans of Chinese baked goods. Sadly, we didn't eat any - but we got this nifty picture!!

I really love celebrating each one of our girls, and it gives me such joy knowing that they are lavished with love and affection - knowing that they are such treasures, and gifts to us. Every child is a gift from above!! We love you sweet Asia, and we are so blessed by the beautiful little lady you are!!