ice cream social

The past 2 years we have been gathering other foreign kids for a weekly co-op of sorts. This year (2009-2010) has been the largest so far - six 4/5 year olds, and six 6/7 year olds! It has been so fun to teach on different subjects, read stories, create art, do science experiments together, and also learn games in larger groups. There is no international school out here - so we are IT.

I think it has also been good for the children to see other kids learning alongside them, to motivate and challenge them along, and for interaction, as well as the chance to play games in English. The kids even have special t-shirts!! Asia & Eden really look forward to Co-op each week, so I know it has been a special time for them!

As we wrapped up the school year, we decided to celebrate with an Ice Cream Social!! (since we can do that so easily!!) We made bubble-gum ice cream, with all the possible toppings we could find. YUM!!

It was a LOT of sugar...but they burned it all off with the dads in PE class, right?!!

Urumqi Kids Co-op 2010

Sydney is almost ready for her own co-op -- we just need more kids her age!! Anyone want to move out here with some more 3 year olds? :) Pweeze??