Gold Gulf Hotel & Spa!!

We recently found a pool inside a hotel about 3 km away! Finding a clean pool is near impossible in this city - but we found a gem!! There are three separate pools - amazingly clear water, and very few people (at the right time of day!). It is also a Hotel & Spa - but that part is a bit pricey!! We bought a pool membership card, so that we can visit anytime and bring friends along too. We love this place!

The main pool is the perfect height for A&E to walk in, and the Children pool is only a few feet deep, complete with slides and climbing structures too. They have improved their swimming skills immensely - and can both swim underwater, float on their backs, and do somersaults too!

You can see in the picture above - two elevated whirlpools in the center, four lounges on the side, and some shower-jet thingies too. It's all indoors, so we can come all year-round! There is also a small lap pool for ME!! If only we had unlimited visits - I might come everyday! This is such an amazing find - and we really enjoy coming!

McNabb rating: 2 thumbs up!