exciting changes

Our city has changed SO much in the past 4+ years! YEAH! for modernization! Today we were excited to find car-carts (is there a better name?) for the girls to ride in at the supermarket. They were ever-so-excited! Of course we turn heads whatever aisle we go down - but they are pretty cute!! The girls are busy drinking their favorite yogurt drinks from a straw.

This supermarket is on the basement floor of a huge department store. We come here about once every 2 weeks to stock up on necessities. It is surprisingly clean and organized, and they have lots of expensive import items! I am not allowed to take pictures inside, but there are fish tanks and turtles for sale (to eat)!! ...as well as every kind of tofu, hallal meat section, and chicken feet. Yummmy. New items I am thankful for: brown rice, dried pinto beans, corn flakes, fresh cut chicken breasts, dried lentils, sesame seeds, and wheat germ!! I get excited over simple things.