feeling crafty: Father's day gifts!

I love hot glue guns! My friend just found one - and now we are gluing everything in sight. This past week, we bought some frames and rocks at the flower/fish market - to make some Father's Day gifts with our weekly 4-7 year old Children's Co-op! It was so fun and simple, that I wanted to share this idea, in case you want to make something fun for your favorite dad, or for yourselves!

Things you will need:
  • any size frame
  • hot glue gun
  • extra hot glue sticks?
  • rocks
We had each kid (6-7yrs) arrange their rocks beforehand, and then take turns gluing each rock in place along the frame. We found all colors and sizes of rocks, so the frames look so amazing! The mom's were in charge of the hot glue guns. Next week, each kid will make a matte that frames their picture, and write "Dad, you ROCK!" in their own printing. All the materials cost 12Y for each gift = $1.76!!

The younger kids (age 4-5) made a different style of frame using:
  • any size frame
  • Elmer's glue
  • coarse sand
  • shells and/or coral
  • small rocks
This frame will have a picture and matte, that says "Dad, you're COOL!" - to go along with the beachy theme. I also used clear nail polish to make the rocks shine! Anyhow - its always fun to decorate a frame!

p.s. It's been awhile, so we aren't really UP on all the new lingo - but the kids thought it was so funny learning what "cool" and "you rock" means. We are all so sheltered! We might need some help in this department soon.