another Chinese wedding!!

A girl that has been helping us along in the business invited us to her wedding! She has been so encouraging and helpful along the way - and we were so excited that she had met such a wonderful guy. Aren't they sweet?

When you arrive at a Chinese wedding, you greet the couple in the lobby, then proceed upstairs to the banquet area. Everyone signs into a book - and the guest book guy signs your names and takes your gift. Your gift consists of $, and the amount is written next to your name!! - its all recorded for everyone to see. Some people bring red envelopes, but they are opened and recorded in the book. We just try to follow other peoples' example, and be generous too! ...since there are no wedding registries in China.

The banquet was quite loud, but the girls loved the huge bubble blower at the front of the room - blowing bubbles into the crowd. The bride & groom got showered with glitter, shaving cream & confetti during the ceremony. They were smiling thru it all, even though her dress & hair was a mess. Then she promptly changed into a red dress, to greet their guests and offer a toast to each person! Such a neat tradition!

The banquet was amazing - each table was lavished with heaps of food which we don't know the proper names of. We tried spicy beef, glass noodles, bean curd pizza?, broiled fish, Peking duck wraps with plum sauce! ....and so much more! Events like these are so FUN because you never know what to expect - we learn/try something new every time!

(p.s. It is taking me so long to catch up on this blog, because I haven't been able to load pictures for over 2 weeks. I am not sure why! ....so you will just have to picture it in your mind!)