ice cream update : Happy FIRST Year!

Wowzers! Since the internet was turned off last July, we haven't really posted much about the Ice Cream Biz. Even through all the roller-coaster of events in this wild western province - the love of ice cream has continued to GROW!! Here's a short recap of Ice Mountain Creamery's first YEAR!!

June 1, 2009 - Opening Day!!

We have five employees - managing our little production site, sales and accounting! They are wonderful, loyal and learning all the time. We have a fun delivery vehicle - and we deliver to lots of restaurants, hotels and cafes all across the city! Just this past week - 3 restaurants called US to ask for our ice cream!

We offer large tubs, smaller family size containers, and cups & cones for great affordable prices! Students get a discount too! ...while keeping our ice cream all-natural and of highest quality! We have 10-15 flavors, depending on the season!

There have also been major bumps along the way: One week the sewage pipes along our street got clogged and flooded every business along our little street. The guys were ankle deep in raw sewage for the day (yeeck!). Another week during winter, the water pipes burst - which caused all the water to be shut down. We managed to keep our customers happy with what we had stocked in our inventory - but it was a major job to get fixed. Another time - the electricity went out in the entire block, and we almost lost all our ice cream! So dealing with simple utilities has proved to be crucial!! We have navigated renewals of permits, banking, and doing our taxes - all in Chinese! The biggest challenge is dealing with picky restaurant managers - and making sure we get paid correctly and on time. But overall, we are learning SO MUCH!

This coming Summer we have plans to expand our production, and hire more employees to share the goodness of Ice Cream to more and more people here! We will keep you posted as the adventure continues!

June 1, 2010 - Ice Mountain Creamery - First Anniversary!