little friend at the door

This morning I heard some pounding at the door, followed by a few doorbell rings...followed by more pounding. Whoever is at the door must really want in. I open the door to find little gege (哥哥 big brother) wanting to come in to play.

We have never met little gege 哥哥 before, but he ducks under my arm and barges right in. I try to converse with him a bit (to make sure his family knows where he is) and then he is off to explore the house. Every nook and cranny. Every toy. Every non-toy (I had to remove him from playing on Justin's laptop). He didn't enjoy listening to me and he didn't take "no" for an answer. I got the impression that he gets what he wants in his home. The girls played well with him, but I was a bit flustered as I raced about making sure things didn't get broken or flushed down the toilet. He definitely kept me on my toes!

It was really fun to make a new friend and for the girls to interact despite language chasms. They all played with hand motions, creative demonstrations, and slowly pronounced English. ~Very fun to observe! He went home before lunch, and I sighed in relief. He was more challenging than having three kids.

Later in the afternoon there was another knock (ahem, pounding) - and again little gege decides he is back to play again (he barges in without waiting). This time I politely asked him to come another time, since it was Syd's naptime, and the girls' QT. I don't think I am ready for constant visitations, yet! We plan to have him over again tho, and we have a reason to visit - since he left his metal toy gun. Only brave Sydney would touch it.