back to school

This week - Justin started his fourth semester of Mandarin! Here he is on the way out the door, dressed warm - with earmuffs too. He's even taking out the garbage on his way, at 6:45 in the morning! Here's our front door...leading out into the hallway.

He takes the bus (45 minutes one way + walking) and studies or listens to podcasts while he commutes across town. The past few trips - he's had to stand up, since all the seats were taken. He has 2 great teachers - and only about 5-7 other students studying alongside him. This is the Zhong Ji Ban (中级班 = intermediate class). His spoken Chinese is quite good, since he's been working on starting the business & speaking with people often. He hasn't studied the characters as much, so there is always room for improvement! We are so glad to be studying at XAU again, and we have really appreciated all the help from our Waiban (外办 = foreign students office).