IKEA expands to our city!!

I had heard rumors...
Now we have proof!!
The infamous Swedish home furnishings store has opened a small 2-room display site, where you can view a selection of products, and order from a catalog for delivery. The prices are not cheap - and delivery adds an extra 15%!! Yikes! We walked thru the displays, feeling nostalgic and amazed at such nice products available in our city. It is always changing and modernizing...even in the short 3 years we have been here. No food court with Swedish meatballs yet.

This sign above is a bit deceiving - the entry into the Store on the far right does not span this entire building. Its teeny-tiny inside. About 1/6th of that building, truthfully. This new location is so new - that it's not even on their website!

After our IKEA discovery, we walked thru the open markets and found some pomegranate juice to share. Here is a stall that sells rugs of all colors, shapes & sizes. That is a HUGE 5 star hotel in the background.