Chinese Art Class

This past week we enrolled Asia in a daily Art Class downstairs. Its literally in our apartment building on the first floor! She attends 2-4 times per week, for an hour session with 10-16 other kids (mostly 6-7 years old). We are so excited that she is interested in going - and its been fun to see what they create with their class each day.

The first day she drew a Chinese girl floating in a pond with three geese (see above). The 2nd day she used a black marker to draw 3 dragonflies with big buggy eyes(below)! And now she is working on a colorful Lion in the circus! The class is always very studious & well-behaved when I pick her up, engrossed in their artistic creations. The teacher walks around helping each student with their copy-work and giving assistance when needed. Each class session is focused on copying a drawing that is chosen by the teacher. The teacher sometimes uses her fingernail to make a line for the kids to copy, which (I guess) helps them learn fine motor skills. Even the colors are pre-determined!!

Still, I am loving her unique renditions of the copied original.
This method of teaching has been quite contrary to how I would "teach art" but I am choosing to look at the positives: she is being exposed to Chinese, interacting with other kids - and overall excited to attend. I have had many neat conversations with her as we debrief the class each day. AND I make sure to encourage her creativity in every other aspect of her day!!

Here's her pink Circus Lion - a masterpiece in progress! I think she was roaring too.