the Peoples' Square

The weather warmed up briefly last weekend - and we decided to get outside together and get some exercise & fresh* air. We took a bus to the People's Square (just 5 stops from our street) and walked around the square: people watching, climbing and simply enjoying the 38 degree weather! As much as we love getting outside - the girls aren't fond of all the layers of clothing. It's an effort to get out the door but worth it!

The square is quite large, taking up an entire block - with a tall monument in the middle, surrounded by cement pathways, planter boxes & people everywhere! The ice skating "rink" is gone now, but is replaced by children flying kites with their grandparents, ride-along toys of all sorts, a massive Jumbo Screen blaring Chinese advertisements, people offering to take your picture, kids feeding pigeons, and older men playing cards with loud shouts. The best part is seeing children bundled up in adorable outfits, puffy jackets and rosy red cheeks. This is the place to be.

The girls spied the little Kiddie Ride off to the side, and for 75 cents (5 kuai) they got to take a spin in a colorful spaceship. A highlight for them!