it got cold again....

We eagerly await signs of Spring - but instead we've been given tons of fresh white powdery snow!! Right behind our apartment building is a big parking lot for long distance Buses, and also a Driver's Training School Course - which translates to "large area to run around and play in the snow." When it snows here, almost instantly there are masses of people who come outside with their shovels & ice-picks, to clear away the "mess" so that vehicles can use the roads. Also, by 1-2 days later - all the white has turned to black, with the coal soot & mud. It goes without saying that we LOVE to find UNshoveled areas of snow so that the kids can play!! These open spaces are few when you live in a large city of 4 million. We quickly bundled up and enjoyed a few hours making snowballs, snow-angels & digging forts in the snow, with some neat little friends too.

Asia is quite skilled in snow-angel designs.
Eden really enjoyed digging and making herself a fort in the snow. She didn't mind being cold at all, which is a huge change from last year! I think she is finally beginning to enjoy the cold weather!
While we were playing, daddy came home from class and joined us outside. Our snowball tossing began to attract a crowd, and 4-5 boys walking home from school joined in the fun. Justin threw the first snowball, and they timidly joined in. Five little boys against Justin & Raj was quite humorous.
Everyone was laughing hysterically! I think the boys were so excited to have a snowball fight with 2 foreign men, as it was probably a strange sight. In the end, Justin got tackled and they were all covered in snow. It was a friendly battle of course!
Here's all the boys post snowball-fight. Such JOY!!
The girls "kept warm" in their forts.
(there's the shoveled parking lot behind them)
Spring is around the corner?? Not holding my breath!