It snowed (下雪 = xiàxuě) all night! It's been getting colder each week, with blustery winds which makes it feel below freezing. We rolled out of bed this morning and the girls could hardly contain their excitement! Of course we put snow-clothes on and ventured out into the white powdery world!! Here are some picts of the fun that ensued.....

Asia absolutely loves laying/crawling/flopping/digging in the soft snow, and its hard to get her to come inside! She is also quite skilled at making a lovely snow angel.

Eden, on the other hand - isn't convinced that snow is fun yet. She stands in one place and just smiles. Maybe next year?

We are excited for the winter months, even celebrating our first Christmas in a foreign land. Our next goal: find a real tree, and make decorations! ...stay tuned!

gotta love this silly gal!!