laundry love.

When we first moved here, I really missed having a dryer. Now we are quite used to the routine, and the kids are sweet helpers!! This is how we do laundry on our side of the globe....
1. Dirty clothes get immediately placed in the washer. We have one cycle, and one temp: freezing cold. I don't usually separate colors or whites, unless I need to use bleach. Maybe I am too simple?
2. You add the powdered soap & fabric softener first, and then push 2 specific buttons, in Chinese characters. I still don't know what they say - I only know that they start the load. We have an automatic washer (so great), which can hold 5.2kg=11lbs. It takes exactly 48 minutes to complete one load (there is a nifty timer), and there is even a wonderful spin-cycle! You become extra thankful for the small things in life.
3. Remove the damp clothes & hang to dry. Here are a few picts of the girls helping? mom with laundry. Sometimes they like to hang on the bar first. If you time it right, the clothes can dry overnight - and not be decorative additions to the living room. You also get used to the stiff, crispy clothes - tho nothing ever really goes back to its original shape. But all-in-all, it sure beats handwashing everything like we've done in some areas of the world! I am so grateful for our washing-machine...and my precious little helpers!!