we all scream for ice cream!!

We are gearing up to launch our first EVER business endeavor - to open an Ice Cream shop in downtown Urumqi!! Yup, we are so excited - and we think {hope} this city will savor every scoop of creamy delicious-ness that we serve!!

It will be lots of WORK to get prepared to launch by Spring, with heaps of paperwork, applications, and licensing to be legally ready to open - but its a huge learning process, and we are eager to see it all unfold. In the meantime, we have been perfecting recipes for our basic flavors, and experimenting with new ideas - in hopes of tantalizing taste-buds across the globe. We are also sharing our ideas with friends, and any/everyone we meet to see how we might improve upon the idea. We are very close to revealing the NAME of our shop. Stay tuned!

We also have a wonderful business consultant helping us navigate this process, and she has been a HUGE help. She knows exactly what step comes next, and she helps with the paperwork, and all the official documentation - which minimizes all the uncertainties. J got his medical approval (an in depth-physical), and now he is working on authenticating his passport, along with many other details. He will be taking a short trip to Shanghai this month to visit the consulate, and also a nifty hospitality Trade Fair that offers lots of networking with supplies & ingredients & machinery. We hope its enlightening! :) There is so much to learn as we prepare to be entrepreneurial in this adventure!!