We switched our visa's!!

As of today, March 23rd, 2009 - we are official registered business owners of an Ice Cream Company in NW China! All our paperwork is accounted for - and we have been given the stamp of approval!! We are amazed, thrilled and in shock too! I guess even though we have worked hard for this outcome, we were a bit amazed at how "easily" it came about. Within 10 weeks we were approved! The waiting and suspense is over! Thank you China!!

Now we can move forward with all the rest of the details:
  • getting bar codes for our packaging
  • getting safety/quality seals for our packaging
  • creating the final package design
  • locating & pricing the cartons for printing
  • finding an office (separate from production site)
  • purchasing final machinery/freezers
  • hiring & training employees
....just to mention a few of the things that will consume our energies in the coming weeks! The process of learning how to start a business from scratch has been educational & stressful, especially while speaking a foreign language and navigating all sorts of confusing laws that are new to us. But we are excited to offer high-quality ice cream with all natural ingredients....even if it is high in calories! I hope we can swoon the masses!