Hóng Shān = Red Mountain = 红山

We enjoyed a wonderful visit from friends from America - for an entire week! The kids played for hours upon hours, and we got to share some highlights of our beloved city with them. Despite a nasty stomach flu, the visit was sweet + amazing!! (I think we are all-too-familiar with being sick)
We took them to one of the highest parks in the city - Hóng Shān (Red Mountain). It is a historic park that overlooks a panorama of the city - and it was great weather! The mountain is made of aubergine rock, hence the name Red Mountain. We hiked the stairs, explored the pagoda, and the kids had many pictures taken of them by locals (without many smiles).
All week the kiddos enjoyed exploring, reading, imagining, and bonding with their buddies since birth. I have known J since I was 16, I believe - and now our children are buddies too! I have way too many pictures to share, so here are some highlights:

...and my personal fave....