water problems..............................

We have been living in our "new apartment" for just over a year now! It's an old building - but we love this place. Its amazing in so many ways. We've had visitors from 4 countries, and its a wonderful place to entertain. My only complaint (which I never do, HA!) is the lovely water issues.

Depending on the day, there is not enough water pressure to pump UP to our floor. This means that dishes, washing fruit/veggies, laundry, baths for the kids, etc - are all on hold until the water pressure builds up again. Weekends and evenings are the worst times! The wait can be hours long, and even DAYS. Everyone underneath us has water, but we are left high and DRY. This causes a few rational responses:

1. Go out to eat for every meal so that dishes never pile up.
2. Eat finger foods all day long, which saves on dirty dishes too.
3. Wear the same clothes as long as possible.
4. Heat drinking water on the stove for baths in a storage bin. The kids LOVE this! (too bad we don't fit)
5. Good excuse to stop shaving for a week, and work on my Uyghur beard.
6. Get angry at the Maintenance Office for not fixing the problem (c'mon - it's been a year!). Call them multiple times a day to share my frustrations.
7. Laugh at the funny ways we cope with our silly problems, realizing there are far worse things to be annoyed over. Laughter is the best medicine!