early birthday gifts

Asia & Eden both have birthday's in the next 6 weeks! We knew that we wanted to get Asia a new bike, and Eden a scooter...so we decided to get them early, so we could enjoy them during the entire Spring and Summer weather....before winter hits! Also, we would love to see if Asia can learn to ride a bike without training wheels this year. Eden might try it too? There aren't a ton of opportunities to learn these skill here, as much of the "open space" is congested with moving vehicles (which isn't so safe). We have a cemented area outside our apartment, which will be our testing ground!

Anyhow, all that to say: They LOVE their gifts! We also got butterfly helmets that they LOVE as well. Eden asks us multiple times a day if we can go outside to "ride bikes." If we can't go outside right away, she will wear her helmet inside instead.

Here is Eden on her blue scooter. She loves that she can carry it downstairs by herself, and she is getting quite coordinated as she pushes herself along. She is such a beautiful and amazing almost-4-year-old!

Asia picked out this blue bike! The height adjusts, so she can use it for awhile. It has a nifty basket on the front, and sturdy training wheels too. It even folds up, if you can imagine. She is getting much more coordinated with steering and using the hand-breaks, so we are working up to the training wheel removal....slowly! I can't believe she is almost 6!