the neighborhood chicks

In Spring of '08 we attempted to raise 2 baby chicks in a cardboard box, but that didn't last long. We lost one early on, and the 2nd one we released after 4 weeks into the bushes. I like to think they had a great life, but that's debatable. This Spring we are content watching others' raise their chicks from afar.
The mechanic up on the corner has 6 baby chicks that roam his "yard" while he welds and fixes old taxi's. They eat leftover rice and other scraps that he throws along the sidewalk. I guess it's not a pretty sight, but the girls LOVE visiting the chicks each day when we flag down a taxi on the corner. It's kinda like we have pets without the responsibility. I think Justin is quite happy about that too.
Gotta love the little Spring chickens!!