a walk downtown....

Da Bazaar (大把扎) is the Uyghur centre of our city & a must-see for all visitors!! This part of town is so diverse, and very different from the more central cities of Mainland China. It is the largest retail & wholesale market of ethnic goods too (in Urumqi). The market is always bustling with energy - as people sell handicrafts, food & souvenirs. This market has served as a trading hub for goods across Central Asia for many years. Bargaining is to be expected, and all prices are negotiable!

You can find grilled mutton kebabs, polo (zhua fan 抓饭), hot nan bread, fresh-squeezed pomegranate juice & sliced melons all over. Restaurants & street vendors spill out into the streets, so the smells of food are always wafting your way (which we think is a good thing!).

You can also pose with a native Bactrian Camel (the ones with 2 humps) or take a ride for a small fee. The camels are quite ornery, and are known to bite and spit. This one is still wearing his winter coat.
At many spots along the sidewalk you can find underground walkways that lead to MORE shopping areas below. Wherever we go - we must watch our pos
sessions with care. I hope that won't keep you from visiting tho!!