my fruit+veggie market helpers

We got up this morning with our fridge bare. So off to the market we go! The girls enjoy getting out early, and helping me choose the best apples & green beans from the local carts down the street. We are a SIGHT!! ....and we draw a bunch of attention as we walk holding hands, momma and her 3 little chickadees. I really love that we can easily walk 5 minutes down the street for almost any fruit/veggie we might want. Everything is seasonal, so we enjoy things as they come & go. Right now broccoli is getting more scarce (and more expensive) and pineapple season is almost over - but we can find asparagus, mangoes, watermelons and (soon) lots of grapes! We get great produce here, and the girls are enjoying more and more veggies as they get brave. It's wonderful!
Next trip I will try to take some pictures of our favorite veggie stalls and the people we visit almost daily. We really love the family that makes the Uyghur Nan bread for the neighborhood. They are so kind and love to chat.

The weather has been amazingly warm, tho we've been having quite a few dust storms as well. We also enjoyed a few days of rain in the past 2 weeks, which is always a welcome break from the dry weather. I am not sure when Summer will officially hit, but we are definitely enjoying the changes that Spring brings!