international Artist Trading Card swap

This is the first time I have ever heard of an ATC swap - but I would highly recommend doing this with your children if you have the opportunity. I am sure you could find them going on at any given time. Basically, Asia created her own unique piece of art for 6 small trading cards - and sent them to 6 children all over the globe. Most of her cards were sent to places in the US and one was sent to Australia!

For her cards, she cut up colored tissue paper, and glued them into a mosaic. Then we cut them into the right size and mounted them on the card. Each card is different: with colors of pink, purple, blue, green, red & magenta. They are quite colorful. She had such a great time painting the glue onto each mosaic piece - and covering the entire page. She was so tedious and precise with each placement and color. I am so glad we joined the group - over 900 kids were involved in this ATC swap!! We love to encourage her creativity - and the sharing of art with kids around the world makes it even more special.

Here are her finished masterpieces! (she took this picture herself too)