I am not a good sick person

When I am sick, I mostly just want my mom.
Its been over three weeks of being sick. I think I got a sinus infection after the flight, and its been tough to fight off since. I had a crazy-powerful cough for a few weeks in there too, which actually resulted in a cracked rib. I didn't think that was possible, but the ongoing symptoms suggest that it really cracked. Crazy, huh? This week, the sickness has morphed into a painful sore throat - so bad that it hurts to talk and swallow. I don't mean to sound complain-y, but the story gets better....

Justin has done a great job taking care of me, the kids, the house, etc, etc....but this is getting old for both of us! Today we found a girl to watch the kids, and we ventured off to the hospital for a doctor visit. That means we are serious!

The snowflakes outside were beautiful, but the roads were mushy (the late winter coal/snow slush). The hospital we go to is across town (20 kuai by taxi = $2.94). I am always reluctant to go to the doctor here, and I try my hardest to leave the kids at home. Its just not clean, and we are surrounded by sick people. We wait in "line" for awhile, laughing at the English translations for all the different wards (Demorphed Infrared Anal & Intestinal Department?), watching people shove their way to the front without a clue that a "line" exists. We smile and wait. Finally, we speak to the clerk, pay our entrance fee, and begin the hike up to the 4th floor to find an Ear-Nose & Throat doctor (Erbihou 耳鼻喉).

When a white person walks thru a sea of Asians, its hard not to stare - I have accepted that. What drives me nuts is when I am given preference over others because I am white. Now, this doesn't happen often - unless you are in the hospital. Someone could have a way-worse ailment than you, been waiting for hours, and STILL the white person goes to the front of the que. I tried to protest, but it never works. I haven't accepted this very well. I just feel really horrible.

Once in the doctors cubicle - she begins to ask me lots of questions, and look down my throat. During this time, no less than 5 people are peering over/around the cubicle walls to see the foreigner's sick throat. I have come to accept this fact, too - since I had 7 months of prenatal visits a few years ago that ruined my concept of privacy. I guess my sore throat (or prego belly) can be an educational opportunity for others, why not??

In the end, we didn't get a concrete diagnosis - only because I didn't get the blood test, or want to come back for further inhaler/breathing treatments. I don't think my sickness is bacterial, so I don't want antibiotics. I opted for the throat spray & traditional Chinese medicine drink, which have intense smells. Let's hope I am on the road to recovery soon!