welcome to our normal.

waiting for Bus #17 on Xingfu Lu (幸福路)

riding Bus #17, with breeze in our hair

Uyghur man pushing his cart of grapes for sale. 6 kuai per kilo! (50 cents a pound)

precious Uyghur boy wanting to play. love those eyes!

grape vines ready to be plucked

making a birthday banner for family in America (aunt Krissy to be exact!)

eating noodles (mian 面) with chopsticks (kuaizi 筷子)

eating watermelon (xigua 西瓜) on a hot day

orange kitten pretending to be a baby-doll

out for a walk to the veggie market with mom

Uyghur neighbor who always comes over to play with his cousin
Hope you enjoyed a glimpse into LIFE in our corner of the globe. Summer is coming to a close...but we are enjoying every minute!