a Uyghur meal with friends

Our three IMC employees treated our two families for dinner at a wonderful Uyghur restaurant that I never knew existed! It was down a random street, tucked behind some huge buildings downtown - where there were trees and shade, and a Uyghur Kang where we eat. So fun!!

A Kang is basically a raised platform, with a small table in the center. Some Kang's are actually king-sized bed frames - intricately carved, and laden with beautiful rugs. You can find these in many Uyghur homes, and are used for meals, as well as a place to sleep. We all gathered onto this metal Kang, and sat cross-legged while we ate. Of course we remove our shoes! It feels very intimate, and we share each plate of food.

We ate Polo with mutton, Da Pan Ji, Spicy fish, pulled noodles with mushrooms, plain yogurt and black tea! Oh, and I can't forget the kebabs (kawap in Uyghur)!! Our girls' favorite!

Eating Kawap off the skewer - a special skill in Xinjiang!!