dating experience

I think its very important that our girls get some quality dating experience under their belts before they are eligible. We are undecided as to when that will be, but until then - Daddy Dates are highly encouraged! He can keep their standards high!

We had a free Sunday (the entire day!) so we planned for Daddy to take each daughter out for some special daddy-daughter time, and a special meal at their restaurant of choice. To get ready for their date, everyone had a shower (or bath), pedicure, and wore their favorite attire. It was so fun to get them each ready for their "date" and they were each giddy just thinking about it. Asia (7yrs) went out for breakfast (at the only breakfast place we know of) and had waffles!

Eden (5yrs) had the lunchtime date - and she chose The Vine where she enjoyed rice, french fries and a smoothie. Yeah, there wasn't much on the menu to her liking. She also got to show daddy her incredible handwriting skills.

Sydney (3.5yrs) was so patient as she waited for her dinner-date with Dad! She chose a fancy place that serves amazing pizza! She got an entire pizza, since daddy doesn't like cheese (she brought the rest home to share!).

I got to hear the girls' stories of their dates when they came home, and I was so encouraged as I saw them light up with JOY as they explained their funny conversations, the questions daddy would ask, and the silly games he would play. I know they were each encouraged, built up, given greater security, self-image and confidence in who they are - as unique & gifted little women!! They know they are loved and cherished by their Father! ...they were glowing as they told me about daddy's undivided attention. So sweet.

p.s. As the momma, I also got some mellow time too! Having only 2 kids at home at a time is so QUIET!