we got a kitten

I love animals. Pretty much all of them. We have tried all kinds of pets: chickens, fish, a rabbit, and even babysat a turtle. But nothing has really lasted THAT long! Apartment-living (in China) doesn't really give you many options for pets.

But this week we noticed that a neighbor of ours (the one who runs the smoky Mahjong spot) had 4 little kittens playing near the door. Of course we went to visit. The kittens were timid - yet so sweet and cuddly. I am not sure what convinced Justin to let us bring one home - but after 2 days of research, we realized it was as good a time as any!

We went back to the neighbor's shop, asked a bunch of questions - and came home with a scrawny orange kitten in my purse, and a small bag of litter & food. The girls picked her out because she "wasn't too frisky." After coming home, the kitten immediately began to explore her new surroundings, a bit nervous around the girls - but still so friendly. She was small & bony, but appeared very healthy overall. In the next few days, kitty had many different names: Fuzz, Sushi, Chinese Fried Dumpling, Carrot Juice, and just plain Cat. Now the girls have settled on "Sushi Lightning McNabb!"

Sushi also got a special Herbal Essence Shampoo bath courtesy of ME, in pink dish-gloves, as well as her nails clipped. Sushi loves to chase strings, sleep in a ball, eat tuna, and jump like a flying squirrel. The girls love to carry her around the house like a baby-doll, and hold her on their laps. They are learning how to play without getting scratched, and how to take care of her too. But like most kittens - she sleeps most of the day, and is very playful when she is awake. We think Sushi was about 8 weeks old when we got her, and this was her first time away from her momma & siblings. She cried a LOT the first week - but now she is ok with her basket & spare bedroom. Maybe when she is bigger we will let her roam free about the apartment at night, but for now - I think she would wake up the girls.

So please welcome our sweet kitten: Sushi Lightning McNabb, born May 27th, 2010. Many more pictures to follow. :)