the momma travels solo!

I got to travel to another city for a few days - a short conference and time with friends! This was a very last minute decision, since I only got my passport back the morning of purchasing my flight.

I'd like to say I was really looking forward to the trip, but I was mostly freaked out to travel alone in China. I was nervous that my Chinese would get jumbled and no one would understand me, or that I would get lost in a strange city, or not know how to order decent dishes when out and about. I have always had Justin to rely upon when we travel. This time, mom was solo!

I traveled light, had tons of peaceful alone time, and was pretty amazed that I conquered the three day journey without too much confusion. It was wonderful to be around friends, be encouraged, and explore another beautiful side of China. A huge THANK YOU to my super-star husband for insisting that I go on this trip, and for holding down the fort so wonderfully while I went. I never need to worry when you are around....and I guess I don't need to worry when you aren't with me either. It's also good to know I can manage a solo-trip in China too!

Highlight: A&W Rootbeer at The GreenHouse! I can't remember the last time I tasted such carbonated goodness.

p.s. Happy birthday to my brother Ian, and my mom too!