donkey carts

Sometimes when we are out and about we see donkey carts in the street. They are normal for us, but I just thought you might like to see some of these "normal" things that bring our girls excitement. These donkey's compete with rush hour traffic & huge buses in a city of 4 million +!

The main job of these donkey carts is to pick up and recycle old oil from restaurants. And by 'recycle' I think they dispose of it.... At least I hope they dispose of it. Anyway, they take it somewhere. It's fun to watch the donkey's bumping down the road with their carts & driver. Of course, I would love to pet one of these brave donkey's - but whenever anyone tries to get close, they start to bray, pretty loud! As I stepped closer to take this guy's picture - he gave me this look.

Then we stopped to buy some fruit. Just filling you in on the normal over here. :)