9 years!!

Its hard to believe it has already been nine years since our fun wedding day (that so many of you helped pull off). It was such a perfect day! Since that day we have traveled, gone thru job changes, university studies, moves across the country & across the globe, three babies, learning new languages & cultures, a new business - many highs and lows! We are so thankful that we have been able to do it together. ...to learn from one another, be sharpened, encouraged, supported and loved fully. We look forward to the next nine years and the adventures we will journey on together ...and the lessons we will learn ...and an even deeper love to experience. Who knows what may be around the corner!!?

For our anniversary this year we had a local friend come over to watch the girls, while we went on a date! We got 90 minute massages, complete with a foot soak! When you are done with the foot massage part, they wrap your feet like mummies - while they massage the rest of your body.

The massages are so worth every penny. All 560 pennies to be exact. It's unbelievable.

Then we went to our favorite Curacao-an Cafe - for a scrumptious dinner alone! We kept up our yearly tradition of reading our vows together - and taking note of areas that might need some extra attention. We made some new goals! It was so nice to have some focused conversation and enjoy each others' company! ...without the crayons, coloring books and spilled drinks. :)

Wahoo for nine years!!