mango madness

Today the mango truck came to our neighborhood and parked on our street. We could smell the mango goodness wafting in the air! I love that we have different seasonal fruits that just show up randomly for sale. Ya never know what you are gonna get.

Sometimes you can find honey straight from the hive.

Sometimes fried potato chips straight out of the sizzling grease.

Or you can have "fresh" stinky tofu, if that is even possible.

Well, I love the fresh fruits and veggies most of all.
Just LOOK at this beautiful bright deliciousness!!
(minus the Durian fruit with prickly spikes - yechk!)

Now, I know these tropical mango's weren't grown in our province (since we live in the 2nd largest desert in the world) - but they looked fresh off the truck (that drove from tropical southern China)!

The mango man was so happy that we bought a mango from him. I think our excitement over his colorful, fruity truck made his day. And since this picture of Justin doesn't give you the best perspective on how BIG this mango really was....here is the mango vs. Sydney:

YUM!! can't you smell it too?