a lovely day

Valentine's Day is a huge holiday here in China, which was surprising! So many couples feel the pressure to impress their loved one with flowers, chocolates, gifts, etc. We are not huge Valentine's Day advocates, but its always fun to spread some love! The girls love making cookies to give to neighbors or share with friends. Enjoy the pictures of our day...

Eden loved using the cookie cutter, eating the dough, or putting her fingers in the hearts. She also sat on one.

Asia is very meticulous like her momma, and she is becoming quite a little baker. She loves to measure and mix ingredients with precision.

Here are all four of the McNabb girls in the kitchen. Sydney is hanging onto momma's legs and pulling her pants off....
The end result: Pink icing and one giddy kid!!

The best part of our day was a surprise phone call from a great friend who hadn't been home to Urumqi in over 1 year. He hadn't met Sydney or seen our girls in that long either. He came for dinner and we all caught up. The girls welcomed him with open arms! He is like an uncle to them, complete with gifts and all. Isn't he cute??