high fevers @ high altitude

warning: this post contains graphic bodily functions

Feb 7th - Kunming, China
9:00 pm
- Eden had a high fever that lasts thru the night. Poor gal was limp and listless. It went as high as 104 degrees F.

Feb 8th - Kunming to Urumqi, China
7:00 am
- Sydney woke up and vomited all over the hotel bed. She threw up 2 more times before we left the hotel, and once more in the taxi on the way to the airport. We are wondering what this day might hold??
11:30 am - Board 1st flight to Xi'an. Sydney threw up 3 times, mostly in those nifty air-sickness bags, or on mom. Eden's fever still above 102 - thankfully she napped on and off. Asia complained of tummy cramps. Mom & dad hang in there.
2:00 pm - Board 2nd flight to Urumqi. Sydney can't keep anything down. She is either wimpering, throwing up, or sleeping in mom's arms. Eden's fever persisted. Asia very mellow and even takes unsolicited nap!!
6:30 pm - Load into taxi for home! Taxi man threw a fit when we asked him to use the meter. He began to speed and angrily yell at Justin. Justin calms him down while trying to understand his frustration (holding feverish Eden), but he was not happy about our suggestion to follow the law. In the meantime, mom balances two sickies in the backseat. Asia continues to complain about her tummy, and Sydney clings on tight. All of a sudden Asia throws up all over the backseat of the (mean) taxi. We try frantically to "clean up" with wet wipes, so that taxi man won't become more angry.
7:00 pm - Arrive home to our heated apartment, smelly clothes and all. We all take showers - and Asia immediately feels better! Eden's excitement to be home temporarily overcomes her fever and the girls play with missed toys. Sydney konks in bed, waking only to nurse/throw up/wimper.
9:00 pm - Justin slept on the couch so he could hear/check on the girls every 2 hours thru the night, as Eden's temp continued to fluctuate up to 104. Mom stays with Sydney and changes bedding each time she vomits (we won't mention how may times).

Feb 9th - Home sweet home
8:00 am - Wake to a new day! A&E are increasingly better throughout the day, tho Sydney still unable to keep much in her tummy. She stays hydrated with small amounts of water & re-hydration solution for babies. Mom & dad are surprisingly energetic and healthy.

In closing: Traveling with sickness is not favorable, but extra strength is given in times of need!! We are on the mend and thankful to be home.