Ice Cream update:

During our recent Family Getaway - we secured 5 new Visa's for our clan! We were able to get F-Visa's, which are Exploratory Business Visa's that last 3 months, with opportunity to extend. We are already beyond the "exploration" phase of this Ice Cream Shop start-up, but this temporary Visa will give us time to finish the application process and get approved!!

Once we get approved - we will be able to change our Visa status to Z-Visa's, which are Work Visa's, and allow us to get residence permits. To finish this process we will need another trip out of the country, most likely to Hong Kong. Soooo....the next three months will be a busy season for our clan!

Top Business Goals:
  • Find an amazing location: remodel & purchase equipment! Hire & train employees
  • Register our business: finish the paperwork, and get all needed approvals/licenses/unknowns taken care of
  • Perfect our recipes: develop a menu, seasonal flavors, locate products & supplies