buying in BULK

While living in the States, we typically bought our non-perishable items in larger quantities to save time. I used to frequent my neighborhood Costco about 1-2 times per month for diapers, spices, toilet paper, frozen items (chicken), and Odwalla Superfood.

Here on the other side of the globe, we also try to buy in bulk - but in a different way. We buy in bulk because its cheaper! Here are some items that we purchase in BULK:
rice - 10 kilo bag
flour - 5 kilo bag
butter - 3-5 kilo frozen chunk
cheese - 3 kilo block

We do go thru rice quite quickly, and I am baking more than I ever have - so the flour is used for breads, tortillas, noodles, sauces & goodies. The butter & cheese last a loooong time, but they are harder items to find in this region - so we buy in BULK. Sometimes I will split the purchase with a foreign friend/neighbor, but this is my Asian Costco.