in transit

This battered, tattered, cardboard box was in transit for 404 days (14+ months!). It was sent on January 19, 2007 from San Jose, California by some devoted friends - and arrived TODAY! We can only imagine the route it survived....boats, trains, multiple checkpoints/inspections, rolls of EMS tape and finally HOME! It is filled with quality kids books, many given by friends, bought at thrift stores or online for great deals. It literally contains 66 pounds of BOOKS!!

We rejoiced when we got a phone call: "Jus-ting, you have a large box. It takes three men to carry it from Post Office!" We had literally written off this box for good - it is amazing that it made it here!!

This box is almost as old as our baby girl Sydney!!
Here is some of the quiet hours that ensued.....what bliss!! Books are priceless, and worth the wait!!