product experimentation + taste testing

We are making ice cream.
Making it! ....with all the raw ingredients - in CHINA! We need to choose quality products, rich in flavor, texture and creaminess, and all within our budget! We are currently experimenting with different creams & milks - to choose the best combination & flavor! These are all Chinese-made, and different from cream in the west. Each has a different cream % concentration - so we need to modify the recipes a bit.

Being very visual/sensory (and loving anything that feels like a game) we bought 6 of our favorite milks - and had a taste-testing event (did you know milk comes in a bag?). This may have eliminated some of the competition! How fun to get closer to real production for real people!!

Wish you could taste our Banana Ice Cream - made with all natural ingredients! It's so creamy, chewy & fresh. Now we are toying with alternative names: Banana Bonanza, Monkey Business, or Banana Creme? Any creative suggestions?