In the past few months - so many of our friends have shared about their desires to grow their families through adoption. It has really been exciting to see a renewed desire to love a child who would most likely grow up without a family that loves them. Justin & I have always had a heart for adoption, and caring for orphans overall - so this has been refreshing to hear about these special families who are taking huge steps of faith and opening their hearts to a little one. I get so excited for them, imagining the emotional & joyful adventures ahead as they LOVE a little child who has been left alone. I wanted to share about these special friends - because adoption is something that is dear to my heart, and I know these three families are uniquely called to LOVE with abandon.

Two friends from our Kona days - A&J are looking to adopt a little one from China! Jess is such a kindred spirit, and I was always so inspired how she could create beauty out of simple things. She opened an Etsy shoppe -- WildPoppyShoppe -- full of beautiful hand-made items! All her proceeds will go towards their international adoption. Please check out her creations and consider doing some early Christmas shopping! What a better way to spend your dollars, and make a lasting difference too!

Two friends from College - J&N are looking to adopt a little girl from Ethiopia! They recently started a blog to chart the journey - and we are just so thrilled to know they will be parents again to a little girl! They have some neat fund-raising ideas ahead too, and need all the support they can get!

Also, two friends - K&C are moving forward with their adoption from Ethiopia too! They are such a joyful and giving family, and its so exciting that they will be growing again soon! Their blog is also very inspiring!

Anyhow - just wanted to share, since hearing about these families has really encouraged me! There are so many ways to care for orphans - no matter where you are in life. I hope you will be encouraged too!