Chinese preschool

Eden and Sydney have recently begun asking me about "going to Chinese school" - more than once per day which is new! Asia went when she was 5 - for about 5 months, and she didn't like it too much. Sending our girls to preschool here hasn't ever been a huge priority - but if they have shown interest, we have given them the opportunity. I guess our hesitations mostly have to do with the way Chinese schools are run, and if the benefits outweigh the challenges. And most often - we just never pursue it. I am sure many foreign kids have loved the experience, and learned lots in the process....so we have been open...but never pressured them.

Anyhow, with all those disclaimers aside - our two youngest wanted to TRY it out! So with the new semester beginning - we got the girls enrolled at a local Preschool. First they needed to have the school physicals completed: all their basic info gathered by a doctor - even a blood test. The girls were both so brave, and didn't even squirm with the needle in their arm. The doctor's were very sweet and gentle, so that helped.

Now we wait a few days for the results, and a clean bill of health - and then they can attend. Their classes will have about 20+ kids, and three teachers! We have been able to visit the school, observe a bit - and ask questions. We are excited for the girls to have this chance to learn inside of a classroom, hear Chinese spoken, make local friends, and get a healthy dose of independence too! They are so excited! ....stay tuned!