on having a kitty....

Today this precious lady told me she wanted to be a Veterinarian when she grows up. Having a kitty has inspired some new life-goals in this gal. These two are such great pals, and Sushi is so gentle and forgiving.

We also have someone to cuddle with when we are feeling under the weather. Sushi is great company and wonderful at keeping us warm & toasty too. I think her snuggles help in the healing process too.

She also serves as a special baby doll that doesn't mind getting dressed up at times. ...or carried around in blankets. Well, she might mind - but she puts up with the attention without too much protest.

Sushi also loves helping the girls with their math or reading. She is quite content to be involved with any daily activity, especially anything that moves or makes noise. She is quite social - and loves to be involved in the action. These girls have loved having her around!!

Sushi Lightning: @ 5 months old