my new schedule

I have huge respect for those of you taking kids off to school everyday. I don't know how you do it! My daily schedule has changed significantly in the past three days! I now use an alarm (gasp) to wake up so that I will have enough time to a) get dressed, b) get my kids dressed for school, c) get them a healthy breakfast and d) make sure their backpacks are ready to go! Justin drops them off in the morning which is wonderful! The mornings feel like a whirlwind - but then again, I am not much of a morning person anymore.

I am loving the quiet, mellow mornings so far, having hot tea with Asia - and starting off our daily home-school activities together. She is such a precious lady, and one of my favorite people on earth. She likes having my undivided attention too. But 2+ hours goes fast! Pretty soon we are bundling up and out the door to pick up the girls. We walk to the bus stop, wait for the #907 bus, ride about 2 miles - and then walk to the school. E&S are always so excited to see us! I get to hear all about their "day @ school" along the way! They especially love telling me what was served for lunch! Then, we all ride the bus home together - and shop for our veggies & fruit along the walk home from the bus stop. Its great to get outside like this everyday - on a more methodical schedule. I feel like we are more apart of the community & interacting with shop owners, etc - on a daily basis. The girls LOVE riding the bus most of all.

One of my favorite preschool discoveries by Sydney: "MOM!! When the Chinese kids go potty, they DON'T wipe!" I found this out after hearing S&E whispering about these new observations, comparing notes - since they are in separate classes! They were giggling so much about this new fact.