For those of you who might get migraines - I truly feel for you! I began getting migraines about 5 years ago, right after we moved to this city. It has been so debilitating, frustrating & zapping of my spirit for much too long. I know that my neck & back have issues, but there aren't any chiropractors here. We immediately began to pray for healing, without much change over the past 5 years.

I have tried so many things to get rid of these migraines...and so far I continue to live with it. It most often feels like a knot screwed tightly in the base of my skull, reaching over my head and curling around my eye or forehead. It squeezes and holds on tight. If I am able to feel one "coming on" I can sometimes take an Excedrin, but only enough to take the edge off. I try to avoid pain-meds if possible...but most of the time I need something to be able to function. When J comes home from work, I sometimes have to retreat to the dark bedroom to get some relief from the light & noise for the migraine to subside. Sleeping is challenging but probably what brings the most relief.

I rack my brain to figure out the source of this pain - stress, allergy (MSG, caffeine), environment (pollution), neck out of alignment, optical problems, chemical imbalance, muscle spasms, and on and on. I think I have narrowed down my specific possible factors - but to rule out my biggest fear {brain tumor} I am going to have an MRI done before we return. It's so cheap here, so we are going to rule out anything serious!!

Anyhow - for the 6 of you that read this blog faithfully, please think of me in this struggle. I don't really like to complain {though my husband might disagree} yet this struggle with daily pain has been one of the hardest things in my life thus far. With 2-3 migraines per week, a constant lingering headache, and pitiful attitude issues - living with pain is not nice. It is hard to function at the top of my game, and to respond graciously to noise, have joy, or even get outside to do normal errands on a daily basis. I think that ever since Sydney could speak (and pray) she has asked that my headaches be healed for almost every prayer she has prayed. Its precious that she thinks of me all the time, but sad that this is all she has known of her momma - with a headache. I desperately want to be healed of this pain. Also, in a few short weeks, I will get to be adjusted by my wonderful father-in-law!! ...so that I can get some relief from this evil head-pain! I love that I married the son of a chiropractor. Maybe one of the best decisions I have ever made....but for 5 million other reasons too. :)