1st day of Chinese preschool

The girls passed their medical checkups and were cleared for Chinese preschool! They were so excited to get ready in the morning and pack their backpacks with fun items for school (tissues for the bathroom, indoor shoes & a change of undies!).

They will also be attending the school with 2 friends - our business partners' kids. This is a picture of Sydney & her buddy A, both 3 years old. Monday mornings @ this preschool is their Flag raising ceremony, every week!! We arrived just in time to watch the kids gather by class to participate in the flag-raising by three little 5 years olds! The kids are so adorable (& obedient)!!

I got a great picture of Eden, as she was being introduced to her new class - so shy and excited at the same time. I am so proud of her for having a desire to learn something new, and take a step into the unknown. Her teacher's name is Miss Gladys - who has such a wonderful heart for kids.

Here's a pict of the kids in Eden's class - mostly boys actually! She later told me that there were 2 boys that "always got in trouble and were really loud" which cracked me up. I wonder what she is like in a classroom setting?? For now, I encouraged her to try and learn a new word (in Chinese) each day - and just have fun making friends. I am not sure how much she will understand, but I am just glad the girls are trying something NEW!!