Korla life

Korla is a beautiful city!! It is very clean and has lots of open parks and trees! After living in a massive city for 5+ years, Korla felt small & quaint, and the people very friendly & kind. There is a river that flows through the city most of the year - keeping the city abundantly green and fertile. There are lots of farmlands surrounding the area too, the most famous crop being the Korla Pears - they are as sweet as honey! It also attracts lots of migratory birds - including the famous Korla swans!! So amazing! I had no idea that swans would be attracted to this little desert city in the middle of nowhere. Korla is also home to a huge operational center for PetroChina - oil digging!

Here is the view from where we stayed:

Our first night in Korla we went to the park since we'd been cooped up in a car for waaay too long. The kids had fun running free and meeting new friends. Then we were off to find a good restaurant for dinner!

We ate a typical meal of Uyghur noodles and mutton kebabs. YUM!! But first you must wash your hands outside in this nifty water tank/fountain.

Our friends have four kids - ages 5, 4, 2 & 10 months! ...and they are so beautiful!
This is their 1st daughter - two years old, eating right off the skewer!!

Here is Eden (below) with their oldest son (5 yrs old):

Five kids (out of 7 total) all lined up by this bright blue gate.
I couldn't resist.

Here we are (on Mother's Day) on our way to the river. We found this entrance to an old mosque and couldn't resist this picture either. I love the intricate painting, and incredible stone-work and the old archways. It is good to be in this place!

The girls were so excited to see the river - even though the river-bed was pretty much dry. The river has been dammed up for construction. It seems like there is always some sort of building project going on everywhere in China! Even so, the girls couldn't wait to explore the river bed. They are off...in chronological order....A....E....& S bringing up the rear.

Peering over the rail...wanting to somehow get down there!!

Daddy loves some adventure too.

More picts with our sweet friends:

Asia, being a wonderful big sister & helper all weekend long!

Not everyone is paying attention, and three are missing....but its our best group picture!

Thank you sweet friends for the wonderful visit, and for being so patient with us! It took us five years to finally come and visit, but we so LOVE you and your amazing family!! Thanks for sharing your home, your delicious food, your beautiful city and your hearts! We are some of your biggest fans!!