The bus ride home.

We opted to take the BUS on our way home from Korla. We figured it would be faster and easier than our last trip! ....which had its pro's and cons too! But you never know in until you try! ...and this was our first time ever taking a BIG travel bus in China as a family!

Here's how we travel : light!!

Sydney loved the little snack boxes that were provided - and she tried everything! Even the unknown meat that was shrink wrapped in spicy oil. She is one brave chica. Her favorite was the dried Hawthorne fruit snacks.

Here is the smelliest, stenchiest, most disgusting bathroom stop ever. And since we have three little girls, guess which parent gets to spend the most time in this lovely place? Bring your own toilet paper, of course!! Fun!! Oh...I am excited to get home.

Bus trip Pro's:
we didn't break down on the highway in the middle of the desert.
the bus was on time!
I was guaranteed my own seat!

Bus trip Con's:
the smell of gas fumes gave me a headache
the AC didn't work, and you can't roll down the windows
we only had 1 main bathroom stop
the Chinese movies were loud, obnoxious and not for kids

Note to self: hiring a driver is the best option! It gives the most flexibility and is often cheaper too. But you never know until you TRY!